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Speaker Guidelines


Presenters, on behalf of our Symposium Chairman, Sue Barth, we would like to say thank you for volunteering to present your abstracts at this year’s 23rd Annual Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Technical Symposium.  We think we have a very diverse group of presentations and are excited to see and hear the information that you will be presenting.

We wanted to share with everyone answers to some frequently asked question regarding the presentation process for this year’s Symposium:


How long should my presentation be?

The big rule is that a new speaker starts every 30 minutes; we will adhere strongly to this because the audience will move between presentations, so our session must stay on time.  The guideline is a 20 minute talk with 9 minutes for questions, but don't sweat it if your talk is 23 minutes.  At 29 minutes we will switch speakers.


What happens with the abstract?

Nothing; it was used only to screen the potential presentations.  It will not be published.


What format do we use?

We would like each author to import their slides into a symposium PowerPoint format.  The Power Point Presentation Slide Template can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


What is the deadline for the presentations?

Please get presentations to the technical session chairs by August 2nd, so we can pre-load the computers designated for the presentations. We want to avoid any technical issues that might arise during your presentation. The only issues we have had historically have been w/video clips which are typical too large for E-mail. If your file is large, please mail it to us on a disk ahead of time so we can make sure everything works before you walk up on the podium ( I can provide a physical address upon request). Late changes can always be made with a thumb drive or CD, but it will not be pre-tested.


What happens with the presentation?

A copy will be available on the PCs in the speaker ready room so you can walk through it, and it will be on the PC in the presentation hall.  At the end of the sessions, all copies will be deleted / destroyed.  If you want someone to have a copy of your presentation, you will need to give it to them yourselves - we will treat the presentations as confidential.


When am I speaking?

The schedule will be available online.


Will I need to provide anything else before the symposium?

We will ask you for a short bio that we can use to introduce you.  It should be brief.


Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or need clarification.



Presentation Slide Templates

Speakers and presenters for the 23rd Annual Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Technical Symposium can download the Power Point presentation slide template to be used at this years symposium below.