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Student Award Winners


The 21st Annual Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Technical Symposium is proud to announce last year's Student Award Winners and their presentations.  The 2016 symposium continued to involve students in the oil and gas industry to better acquaint them with the opportunities within the industry and the challenges it faces.  Moreover, the organizers of the symposium want the students to be included in our goals to share knowledge, best practices and new technologies.


AwardName and UniversityPresentation
1st Place Oral Presentation - Student SessionWoochan Lee (LSU)Performance Evaluation of Flow Models Applied to Worst Case Discharge
2nd Place Oral Presentation - Student SessionHui Du (LSU)Effect of Pressure and Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Hydraulic Barriers
3rd Place Oral Presentation - Student SessionYilin Mao (LSU)Temperature Transient Analytical Solution for Deepwater Multilayer Reservoirs
Honorable Mention Oral Presentation - Student SessionMohammad Izadi (LSU)Mechanistic Model for Superficial CO2 Foam EOR: How to Fit to Laboratory Experimental Data
Honorable Mention Oral Presentation - Student SessionDoris Ortiz (LSU)An Overview of Worldwide Offshore EOR Applications
Honorable Mention Oral Presentation - Student SessionDylan Albers (LSU)Durability of Glass Bubble Beads in Wellbore Cement Slurries: Impact of pH, Temperature and Mixing
1st Place Poster Presentation - Student SessionRuixuan Guo (LSU)Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Gas Migration During Casing While Drilling
Honorable Mention Oral Presentation - General SessionMuhammad Zulqarnain (LSU)CFD Multiphase Models Application to Predict Pressure Drops in Small to Large Diameter Pipes
Honorable Mention Oral Presentation - General SessionJohn Reidman (SMU)Depositional Facies and Potential Bounding Surfaces Along an Erg to Erg Margin Transect, Permian Cedar Mesa Sandstone, Utah; Application of Offshore Jurassic Norphlet Formation
Honorable Mention Oral Presentation - General SessionWadie Chalgham (University of Louisiana - Lafayette)Leak Detection and Self-Healing Pipelines Using Twin Balls Technology
Honorable Mention Oral Presentation - General SessionMasoud Safari-Zanjani (LSU)Impacts of Rock-Brine Interactions on Petrophysical Properties of a Sandstone Reservoir, Utilizing Geochemical and Pore Network Modeling